Which Travel Tribe do you belong to?

Pablo Jacobo Ruiz Alonso

Senior Manager, Digital Communications – Channels and Strategy, Amadeus IT Group

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Through our understanding of these traveller types, we’ve developed a quick and simple questionnaire that reveals which of these six tribes you belong to.

airport people walking

Our new report, Future Traveller Tribes 2030, identifies six different traveller segments based on their personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles;

  • Simplicity Searchers, who value ease above all else.
  • Cultural Purists, who use travel as an opportunity to immerse in new cultures.
  • Social Capital Seekers, who see travel as an enviable personal quality.
  • Reward Hunters, who seek a return on the investment they make in travel.
  • Obligation Meeters, who have their travel restricted by some bounded objective.
  • Ethical Travellers, who allow their conscience be their guide when organising travel.

Are you always looking for ways to get those extra airline loyalty miles? Perhaps, you’re a Reward Hunter. Is travel something you undertake so you can make your friends envious with pictures of exotic locations? Then maybe you’re a Social Capital Seeker. Do you travel to pursue new ways of life to expand your understanding of the world? If so, you’re probably a Cultural Purist.

So, just which Travel Tribe do you belong to? Fill ou tour questionnaireand let us know below or send a tweet with the hashtag #Tribes2030!


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