Which country tops the ideas for travel competition so far?


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ideas for travel competition has attracted a varied, international audience with entries coming in from a range of different locations.

As a company present in more than 200 markets, we well know that good ideas can, and do, come from anyone and anywhere. So we’re delighted to see that our

Following ourrecent look at the type of ideas already received, we thought it would be worthwhile investigating which country has submitted the most ideas for travel so far.

After excluding entries from Amadeus employees, who are allowed to participate in the competition but are not eligible for the prizes, we developed the following statistics.

Drum roll please…

ift top countries


proudly sits at the top of the list as the biggest ideas for travel contributor, responsible for almost 10% of all submissions.

The top ten has a distinctly European flavour with runner-up Greece, Spain (3), UK (4), and Denmark (5) completing the top five.

Placed at number 6, Saudi Arabia is the highest non-European contributor followed by Turkey (7) with Portugal (8), Sweden (9) and the USA (10) rounding up the top ten, with each of the latter three accounting for 4% of the submitted ideas.

Looking at activity broken down by region, shown in the chart below, Europe has been the most active contributor of ideas overall, responsible for more than two thirds of all entries for the competition.

pie chart

What do you think of our findings?

Are the French the most visionary when it comes to innovation and ideas for travel?

Do you see any surprises within our list?

More importantly, will you step up to represent your country and submit your ideas to improve the future of travel?

In addition to national pride, your entry could net you a very cool €20,000 if chosen by our judging panel whilst prizes of €2,000 will be awarded to the five most voted ideas on the competition website.

Your country needs you and your Brighter, Bolder, Better ideas for the future of travel!


Gordon Nardini can be found on Twitter at @flufforfact