Which Amadeus posts did you share the most this year?

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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Here are the top four blog posts that you decided to share with your friends and colleagues this year:



December is usually a month of reflection on the year about to close, and we've taken a moment to look back at all our 2011 blog posts.

We were wondering which posts have caught your eye, which prompted you to share - either through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google +. In short, which topics most interest our readers?


  1. The Amadeus Data Centre in numbers [infographic]
  2. Why Amadeus is breaking the boundaries of travel search technology
  3. Ancillary revenue – coming soon, around the world
  4. Why recognising ‘excellence’ matters to Amadeus

Looking at this list, it seems infographics are a big hit, as are posts on new trends in the industry – such as ancilliary services or our Extreme Search technology – together with news on Amadeus and our commitment to excellence.

For 2012, we’re cooking up a great batch of new posts we hope you’ll enjoy even more, and knowing what topics you prefer will help us focus on those areas. We’re looking forward to sharing more about Amadeus and the travel industry with you, and hope you’ll let us know what you think. Which topics were your favourites? Are there any topics we haven’t tackled yet that you’d like to see on our blog? Let us know through the comments box below this post and we’ll do our best to work them in.

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