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When the siren wails, don’t panic!

Anders Abbor

Expert in online booking solutions for Business Travel

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We’re getting more mobile. Traveling more frequently and to more ‘challenging’ places than ever before. This also means we are more likely to encounter emergency situations at some point. But we live in the age of digitalization and that means we have more solutions to help us counteract the impact of unexpected disasters.

In my last blog post, I talked about the importance of ‘Duty of Care’ – why companies should be prepared for emergency situations and have a plan of action to take care of their employees on business trips. This time, I’m going to share an example of one solution that can make life easier for you in such situations.

At Amadeus, we cannot put together a plan of action for you, but what we can do is deliver tools to help you handle incidents that crop up unexpectedly.

Track your employees worldwide

One example of a tool that can put you in control of any unexpected situation is Amadeus Mobile Messenger. On a world map you can see where your business travelers are. Each traveller is represented by a pin on the map. If something happens, you can mark the area, see in real-time who is in this area and get in touch with them via messaging or SMS to see if they are ok or if they need assistance.

Get a clear overview of your traveler's status

The pins are color-coded according to the responses you get from the travellers. For instance, a green pin means the person has replied and needs no assistance, a yellow pin means this person needs some assistance and red pins are for those who have not replied. This color-coding gives you a clear overview of the status of your travellers and what assistance they may need, such as a hotel room or new flight bookings.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger also keeps travelers, agents and employers informed about potential risks or disruption to travel plans and assistance can be smoothly directed to each case.

Replace panic with peace of mind

For an employer or travel agency, it is a relief to know that they have a ‘Duty of Care’ plan in place and that they have the tools to manage an emergency. It means they move into ‘execution’ rather than ‘panic’ mode if something goes wrong. Even if they hope they will never need to use them.

About the author

Anders Abbor is Customer Solutions Manager for Business Travel at Amadeus. He joined Amadeus in 2009, a workplace which he believes matches his passion for digital solutions and love of travel, languages and cultures.

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