When a picture is worth a thousand words...

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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So what to do? A video? An infographic? Both clearly are good ideas and you will remember them well from our previous thought leadership projects such as 2010's The Travel Gold Rush 2020 or this year's From Chaos to Collaboration report.

As challenges go it's up there with the hardest: take 22 pages and 12,000 words from Amadeus' latestt hought leadership report and transform them into a simple, stand-alone creative concept that will drive engagement of the report's findings, without at any time compromising the integrity - or indeed the credibility - of any of those said  22 pages or 12,000 words.

But at the same time both approaches could hardly be considered new; and also neither are necessarily ideal for translating such a weighty and serious subject as open source software and why it is so important that the travel industry (amongst others) embraces it.

To this end, Amadeus is delighted to be able to share its first ever dynamic 'animation', or more specifically a moving presentation which you can interact with throughout each stage of the slideshow. The animation is completely shareable (you can even embed the code on your own blog) and works in a range of different web browsers. It is also viewable on iPhone, iPad and other smartphone devices. As ever, we're incredibly interested in your feedback, including any ideas you might have for future innovations from Amadeus. Please do get in touch or leave us a comment here on the blog.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, 'to animate' means to 'bring to life', or to 'impart interest or zest'. And if we've done our job properly, then perhaps the old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words' might in this instance actually be true. Or should that be 'a picture is worth 12,000 words'?

To view Amadeus' new dynamic animation based on the findings of Professor Jim Norton's 'Open for business' white paper please click here.


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