What will the technological landscape be like in 2030?

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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By this time, the majority of travellers will be familiar with a wide range of technologies. What will separate them will be their preference for certain kinds of computer interfaces and certain kinds of experiences technology will provide.

In the decade leading to 2030, internet connectivity will span the globe and today’s tech-literate Generation X will begin to form the upper age brackets with the most disposable income.

Some will prefer those ‘ambient’ technologies which blend invisibly into the background, while others will prefer more immersive technology. Some will prefer technology with the look and feel of the analogue devices of yesteryear. Many will prefer technology with human-like interfaces and some will engage with technology on its own terms and in its own languages.

When it comes to connectivity, travellers will choose between travel options not on the basis of whether or not there is Wi-Fi, but how fast it will be. More broadly, connectivity will support a vast global demand for instant communication, and activate a multi-billion device ‘Internet of Things’ comprising, potentially, driverless modes of transport, smart cities, and connected homes.

By 2030 in-flight cashless payments, real-time tracking of flight progress, and HD video streaming will potentially make their way into the systems of LCCs, improving their organisational efficiency and the customer experience.

The traveller of the future will also have ever greater power to reliably pre-test any product and pre-experience any experience. Hotels and airlines will offer ‘previews’ of their services through immersive virtual reality technologies.

In some contexts, this will be a routine part of the booking process, particularly for flights and hotels. In others, suspense, anticipation, and the allure of the unknown will prompt many to step away from the headset.

What will be radically game-changing on a global level is not necessarily pioneering new technologies, but the mass-availability of low-end devices as they become cheaper and earning capacities expand. The increased number of ‘networked’ humans will mean that even more powerful efficiencies can be gained for the travel industry.

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