What will define the travel purchasing behaviour of Social Capital Seekers?

Patricia Simillon

Head of Strategic Marketing, Airlines, Amadeus IT Group

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Social Capital Seekers want to be seen as having the kinds of travel experiences their peers and network groups are trending and tweeting about. They will be heavily influenced by their social media connections, and will gain insight and inspiration from friends or ‘celebrity’ recommendations on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Personalisation is core to this tribe’s existence and they will want every single service they use to be personalized as much as possible. Privacy will be seen as an asset they trade to receive better services.

They will be open to new services at any time during their journey, as long as the service increases their social capital. Contextual relevant services pushed based on location, time and preferences will be especially valuable. The inspiration and booking stages will be very important to offer a personalised bundle, but also the airport and on-board stages will be important. The Social Capital Seeker will certainly be interested in priority treatment that can be captured and shared; cabin upgrades are very much the Holy Grail for this tribe.

Travel players will have a tremendous amount of data about these travellers and so they will be able to create a truly personal bundle of services for them. Unlike the Simplicity Searchers, this tribe is extremely open to continued contact. As long as offers are not completely irrelevant, this tribe is less likely than others to be irritated by airline contact.

The key to targeting this tribe is to offer services that will enhance social capital. Creating a sense of scarcity works today and it will continue to work in the future. Any product that is limited, rare or expensive will be in demand by this tribe. Travel players should utilise this desire to gain social capital by advocating ‘sharable moments’ prior to take-off or on the runway when the plane has landed.

Today Facebook ‘likes’ generate social capital; tomorrow every move will be ‘liked’ and commented on in real-time.

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