What will define the travel purchasing behaviour of Simplicity Searchers?

Patricia Simillon

Head of Strategic Marketing, Airlines, Amadeus IT Group

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Of all the tribes we’ve identified, Simplicity Searchers will be most open to personalised offers, especially from a trusted brand who can provide the perfect package to suit their needs. They consider simplicity to be a reward worth giving up data for and will expect extremely high levels of personalisation.

Insights into the Future Traveller Tribes of 2030: Simplicity Searcher

Travel providers should build strong relationships with Simplicity Searchers, especially during post-trip periods in order to build up data on the individual. This will allow personalised bundles to be ready during the inspiration stage without increasing the purchasing friction for the traveller by having to give more preferences at the time of booking.

The best time to reach this tribe is during the inspiration and shopping stages of the journey, as the interest in additional services will decrease after Simplicity Searchers have booked their trip. In fact, individuals belonging to this tribe could be irritated by intrusive offerings after the booking stage.

Expectations are Key

They want everything to be planned and simple, additional offers will be seen as annoying and are likely to damage the brand perception. They will expect their needs, e.g. that they are travelling as a family group, to be understood without having to explain.

Frictionless purchasing is critical, whilst 24/7 customer interaction should be severely limited. Travel providers should focus on full end-to-end travel packages, as Simplicity Searchers are more prepared to pay extra to remove the hassle from their trip than others.

It is with this tribe that airlines, for example, can become a true ‘travel experience provider’ instead of just another airline. Purchasing travel needs to be simple, as this tribe wants fewer choices and wants to make decisions quickly and easily using voice or gesture interfaces. Customer interaction must be limited to using non-intrusive notifications such as a light on a wearable device. See how Amadeus is building this into the Global Merchandising System.

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