What leisure travel sellers can do to conquer more travelers

Pablo Pisa

Consultancy and Business Development Manager (for Amadeus One Inventory), Travel Channels, Amadeus

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45% of travelers say their mobile is the first place they go to when searching for leisure travel. 41% use their smartphones to book their destination services and 44% of leisure travelers plan and book their holidays at the last minute. In this age of massive scale travel where decisions are almost instantaneous, what can leisure package travel sellers do to ensure their offers are relevant, attractive and at ‘the right price in the right moment’?

It goes without saying that a key component of the success of leisure package sellers will be defined by technology - the kind that gives them the ability to speed up and simplify processes, to respond more quickly to customer demands and changing market dynamics and ultimately, to improve margins on sales.

In this fast-paced environment, it’s key for these travel sellers to integrate all their packaging tools into a single user-friendly system so building, managing and selling packages can become simpler and more efficient, not to mention enabling them to package faster-to-market offers. 

Indeed, speed is key to optimizing business opportunities and it’s of the essence when it comes to major events or opportunities. Take for example a U2 concert that is scheduled to play in Singapore. The concert organizers are expecting an inflow of traffic from neighboring countries such as China and India. Ideally, leisure travel sellers would leverage this information and suggest vacation packages including concert tickets, flights, hotels, airport transfers, insurance and of course, other destination services such as special experiences or guided tours, to potential customers. That’s right: if done correctly - and on time - pricing agility can prove to be a very profitable tool for tour operators. 

Nonetheless, as much as speed matters, it’s even more important for it to be coupled with another key component: personalization. With 24% of travelers saying they lack time to plan the ‘in-destination’ elements of their trip, a relaxing holiday can quickly turn into something far less enjoyable.  By tailoring packages to customers’ requirements - including personalized touches such as tickets for tourist attractions, transfers, tours, sports and activities, etc. - leisure package sellers have the opportunity to provide a seamless booking and ‘on-trip’ experience. And that is the kind of value-added service that will ensure that customers return again and again.

To give you an example, Amadeus One Inventory, our inventory management solution helping tour operators and travel agencies integrate, automate and optimize their businesses, allows travel providers to create and manage complex travel content, business rules, pricing and distribution. In just 200 milliseconds, leisure package sellers can create a bespoke customer experience. Compatible with their own content, they can easily integrate new and exciting travel content from all sources, translating into more choice for travelers and more opportunities to enhance a sale.

Thanks to the solution’s centralized business rules, users can automatically control pricing, margins and commissions, allowing for bespoke packages to ‘go to market’ at the click of a button. By automating processes and prices, travel sellers also gain independence, enabling employees to spend more time focusing on keeping their customers happy while saving costs.

With over 4 billion air passengers per year, 800 commercial airlines, 1.4 billion leisure travelers and $1.6 trillion in tourism expenditure, this growing market offers huge opportunities for travel sellers.  Our team seeks to offer the technology and content tour operators need to build differentiated packages, accelerate their operations and stand out in a crowded marketplace. We’re excited to continue offering our solutions and grow our business with the 2,000+ tour operator customers we work with. 

Find out more about how we can help you integrate, automate and optimize your business with Amadeus One Inventory. 


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