What is the Amadeus Airline Platform?

Sebastian Cavanagh

Vice President, Airlines Business Strategy, Amadeus

How long has it been since you last used an app to search the web, book a ride, or order food? The platforms we use to do these things are all part of a great transformation in the global economy. We are now living in the era of the platform economy and Amadeus is right there alongside our airline partners as this journey unfolds.

Underpinned by big data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and cloud computing, the Amadeus Airline Platform enables airlines to harness the full power of technology to inspire, convert, and delight travelers. Its open, data-driven architecture has been designed for airlines to work with partners and other third parties, enabling simpler business processes and modern retailing. The platform also provides access to developer toolkits and partner apps and extensions that enable innovation and agility.

Our airline solutions will all be platform-enabled and they will evolve following the principles of simple, agile, and open. Here’s what that means for airlines:


The travel industry’s technology infrastructure is complex. We are simplifying it. Working with top-tier partners, the Amadeus Airline Platform simplifies and streamlines, to remove complexity for airlines so they can focus on managing and growing their business, innovating, and delivering great traveler experiences. The platform has several layers, one of which is the commerce layer containing the three core airline business capabilities: offer management, order management, and operations, powering airlines’ retail transformation.

You can see examples of this in the work we’ve done on the mobile web experience for Finnairand the chatbot used by Malaysia Airlines.


The Amadeus Airline Platform breaks down silos so we can work even closer with airlines and partners, in new ways. It also gives airlines the flexibility to work with developers and other third parties. Data provides actionable insights that are key to make more informed decisions and the Amadeus Airline Platform enables airlines to maximize this use of data. All this translates into faster time to market, more experimentation and faster learning, lowering the cost of innovation so our customers can create value and deploy new technologies quicker than ever before, and deploy at scale.

We already have more than 600 developers trained in the Scaled Agile Framework®(SAFe®) professional certification program. Plus, we’re already co-creating with airlines and working with them directly via hackathons held regularly around the world.


When we say open, we refer to the fact that the platform gives airlines access to an innovative ecosystem, allowing experimentation, collaboration and integration. We want to make it easier for airlines to use their own partners and ecosystem of start-ups. With each solution we bring onto the platform, we provide greater agility to integrate and orchestrate technologies and services from Amadeus or from other partners or developers. Strategic partners, such as Salesforceand Adobe,can also be integrated with the platform, broadening capabilities. In parallel, our Developer Studios give airline developers access to new capabilities to innovate or enrich existing solutions.

Have a look at this video for more about the Amadeus Airline Platform and the technology behind it. 


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