What is technology without ‘pizazz’?

David Brett

President, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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This year’s ThinkTank was filled with lively discussion about what travel agents need to do to make their businesses thrive and how Amadeus can help them thrive!

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“We want technology with personality!” was the feedback from customers at the annual Amadeus Asia Pacific ThinkTank in Hong Kong last month. Held every March, the ThinkTank invites travel agency partners to join Amadeus for an open discussion on the key issues that the travel industry is facing and share opinions and ideas.

Amidst the discussion were three points I found the most interesting:

1)  Travel agents want more content – but not just any content.

They want cruise products, motels, boutique hotels, and other niche content that helps them to offer more customised packages for their customers. Travellers are more informed thanks to the internet and social media, and are looking to create complete travel experiences rather than just a journey from Point A to Point B.

2)  Investment in innovation will set you apart.

Increasingly, travel agents need cutting edge technology; with innovation being the key differentiator to add value to their business. This is where Amadeus adds considerable value. Mobile was discussed as a channel that continues to become increasingly important, while online remains both a threat and an opportunity in this region, with an increasingly crowded playing field and highly-competitive business models.

3)  Travel agents want technology that offers more than just functionality, they want technology with personality! 

They are looking for technology partner that is intelligent and understands their customer. A technology partner that is capable of thinking outside the box, using online tools and social media for example. Amadeus needs to continue developing travel technologythat is customer-centric and user-friendly to help travel agents reach out to customers and interact with them more effectively.

Who would have thought personality is as important as technology – combined to make the perfect business combination? That is what makes Amadeus Asia Pacific ThinkTank so unique and significant. After all, if we didn’t listen to what our customers want, where would we be today?


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