What does it take to be a leader in CSR?

Svend Leirvaag

VP Industry Affairs, Amadeus IT Group

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The potential scope of corporate social responsibility (CSR) action is immense, and for this reason it is fundamental to establish a clear strategy, priorities, and analysis of our strengths in order to maximise the positive outcomes of our CSR actions.


Reaching excellence in CSR requires listening to employees, shareholders, customers, and partners, and responding to their expectations and requirements regarding our CSR activities.

These initiatives would include, for example, the logistical arrangements necessary to send computers for education purposes to various parts of the world, or the inclusion of an emissions displayin our distribution platforms, so that our customers can evaluate the greenhouse gas emissions released as a consequence of trips booked through Amadeus Platforms.

We aspire to reach a point in which CSR is fully integrated into the company strategy and day-to-day operations, forming part of the company culture.

For a full detailed accounting of our CSR efforts have a look at our Corporate Responsibility Report 2011.


Environmental Sustainability, Industry Relations