What are the expectations of today’s travelers?

Paulo Rezende

Online Travel Agencies Commercial Director, Latin America, Amadeus IT Group

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Euromonitor recently released a study on global travel trends in 2015 that indicated technology is transforming the travel experience, making it richer and more personalized. These trends have been called Travel Technology 3.0 - or simply ‘smart travel’.

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With the evolution of technology, travelers expect increasingly intelligent user interfaces that anticipate their demands, understand what they are looking for, and respond quickly with complete and personalized solutions. They also expect system stability and immediate responses from online customer service representatives.

Mobile technology and the correct use of big data for more assertive analysis will give travel players the ability to actually suggest the most interesting offers that meet the specific interests of travelers. These suggestions will be personalized by cross referencing data on consumer preferences, current location, and online inventory of local travel services and activities, thus offering travelers what they want, even before they know it.

Regarding mobile apps, users want applications that make online travel shopping easy and efficient. For example, the TripAdvisor app on the Apple Watch can send a notification suggesting a reservation at lunchtime at the nearest restaurant with the best evaluation. The next step will be adapting these suggestions to the personal tastes of travelers.

Travelers also expect technology to help during disruptions, which can be mitigated through the use of data and personalized services such as theAmadeus Personal Disruption Companion.

Travel intelligence plays a big role in all of the above and our solutions are developed with these expectations in mind.


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