What are the characteristics of open systems and how does Amadeus use them? [infographic]


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Posted by Stuart Brocklehurst (Group Communications Director, Amadeus IT Group)

Open systems in computing and informatics refers to a class of systems which are built using Open Source Software (OSS) standards and that offer a good level of portability and independence from the hardware platforms on which they operate.

They also have particular characteristics including1:

No intentional secrets – the standard must not withhold any detail necessary for interoperable implementation. Availability – the standard must be freely and publicly available under royalty-free terms at reasonable and non-discriminatory cost. Patents – All patents essential to implementation of the standard must be:

  • licensed under royalty-free terms for unrestricted use, or
  • covered by a promise of non-assertion when practiced by open source software.

To learn how Amadeus uses open systems – have a look at this infographic and if you haven’t seen it already – check out our report on Open Source Software –Open for business1See Open Source Initiative


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