We’d like to thank you for a successful joint webinar with Tnooz

Brian Beard

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Posted by Brian Beard (Executive Technology Consultant, North America, Amadeus IT Group) and Patricia Simillon (Airlines Operations Strategy, Airline IT, Amadeus IT Group)


We would like to send a big thank you out to everyone that attended our joint webinar with Tnooz, "Rethinking airports for future connected travelers" and to our panel of industry experts:

  • Glenn Gruber (AVP Travel Technologies, Ness Technologies)
  • Kevin May (Editor and Co-Founder/Moderator, Tnooz)
  • Gene Quinn (CEO and Co-Founder/Producer, Tnooz)

We had a fascinating time exploring how technology is shaping the needs and expectations of airport visitors and the industry, and discussed:

  • How airline and airport operators engage with customers
  • Strategies and business models that enable airlines and airports to seize new opportunities for managing the total trip experience
  • How other parts of the industry can learn from these exciting developments

The panel drove discussion around the evolution of airport technology, the role of mobile in the airport ecosystem of the future, and the emergence of new airport business models. Questions from the audience explored the different types of functionality travelers demand at travel touch points, the difference between mobile web and apps, and how airports can build passenger loyalty.

Not surprisingly, we found that the use of mobile was of big interest to the webinar participants, in particular how mobile devices are evolving from user initiated search and retrieve tools to more automated interpret and push tools.

But the biggest takeaways that emerged from the discussion: expect change in our industry at an even faster pace than before and get ready by adopting the appropriate business models.

Listen to the full webinar below and check out the presentationsand let us know what you think.

Rethinking airports for future connected travelers

And for further insight into emerging airport strategies and business models, download the full report, Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem.