We are MOBILE - CheckMyTrip is THE World’s Leading Travel App!

Michael Bayle

Executive Vice President for Mobile

A real mark of success has just been revealed for our CheckMyTrip app which has won The World’s Leading Travel App in the 2018 World Travel Awards!

It is an honor to receive this recognition of excellence after beating out some tough competition, and achieved through hard work, dedication, and collaboration. We especially thank all of the travelers who rely on us and regularly take CheckMyTrip with them on their journeys.


Janete Ripardo, Sales and Partnership Manager, Mobile, Amadeus
Janete Ripardo, Sales and Partnership Manager, Mobile, Amadeus


But it wasn’t such a simple journey to get to this point.   In a fiercely competitive travel app marketplace, we knew we had to go all in with redesigning our mobile platform. This needed to be the most flexible and reliable platform possible that put travelers’ needs first, while leveraging the heart of Amadeus technologies.

We have not accomplished our mobile success on our own.  It takes a village to create and build a great travel app.  Along the way, our mobile team has cultivated the industry’s best and brightest partners to join us in the Amadeus Mobile COLLECTIVE.  Today, over a dozen top travel brands have partnered with us to provide high quality ancillary services at traveler’s fingertips including activities & tours, parking and taxi & transfer.  We’ve got some great partner firepower on the technical side too.  For instance, Localytics, a leading mobile-first marketing & analytics platform helps us stay connected to travelers with messaging capabilities.

CheckMyTrip has vastly improved its design, features and capabilities year to year.  As a result, it now serves nearly 2 million active users through mobile apps and responsive web.  Our iOS app version has attained a 4.7 star rating, while our newer Android native app enjoys a healthy 4.5 stars rating.  We’re thrilled to have won this award, but, we are only at the beginning of the road in unlocking the potential of our mobile capabilities for the travel industry. Mobile is a rapidly changing channel – chatbots, messengers, voice and soon AI & machine learning will change the landscape again.  With the continuous insights we gather from CheckMyTrip, we are working diligently alongside our partners and customers to meet the opportunities and challenges these new technologies bring.

We are MOBILE, and our success is the perfect embodiment of the Amadeus Live Travel Space and its open, dynamic and connected approach.  CheckMyTrip and our larger Amadeus Mobile B2B platform are the gateways for buyers, suppliers, and technology partners to thrive in the global travel economy.

Will you join us? Download and use CheckMyTrip.  Follow us on Facebook.  Tell us what you think – what you like and dislike.  What you want to see or even test with our app.  Get excited about where we are going next.  It is going to be a ride you will not want to miss.


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