We aim to be brighter

Malek Nejjai

Chief Diversity Officer, Amadeus IT Group

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Amadeus is about bright people working in partnership. By being collaborative and customer focused we are winning the travel industry’s trust.

That’s why we strive to be at the forefront of not only the analysis of current travel industry trends but also how technology can improve the way we all work.

The industry – and indeed the whole world – has been in a financial crisis recently, and in Amadeus we didn’t want to hide from that. We wanted to help our customers understand the changes and be able to react to them. As a result, we published a report with our Hospitality colleagues for the hotel industry about the new kind of austere traveller and the specific needs he or she would face.

By constantly thinking about and studying current trends in the industry, we’ve found that the recession can actually bring new business opportunities and innovation to the travel industry. The latest developments in the Internet and the new travel services that are being demanded – and provided – actually empower the traveller more than ever before.

Key Trends

Our report, The Amateur-Expert Traveller, is a comprehensive survey that describes the key trends influencing the travel industry and the impact of the economic recession.

Previously we also worked with the Henley Centre and developed a global report on Future Traveller Tribes 2020. The report brings together for the first time, major trends in consumer behaviour, geo-economics/politics and technology, to understand what will be the most dominant and interesting groups of travellers in the next 10-15 years.

On top of that, we’ve created special podcast interviews with the brightest, most forward thinkers in the travel industry – our travel visionaries. With their help Amadeus can better understand the future needs of travellers and the companies that provide services to them. In this way we will keep the technology we offer one step – or more – ahead of our competitors.