Volotea's CEO talks about flying where no one else does and the recipe for success

Marian Hens

Manager, Global Communications Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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Launched in April 2012, Volotea is an innovative LCC enjoying healthy growth across Europe.

The airline specialises in connecting small and medium-sized European cities with direct flights, on routes where connecting via a hub airport was previously the only option available to travellers.

Its sophisticated route-planning process also involves identifying routes that are not well served by rail or coach services either, effectively creating demand for low-cost air travel from scratch.

Volotea chose to use Amadeus from day one to sell its content and, a year on, this has proven to be a very happy marriage: bookings via travel agencies have grown quickly following implementation and now account for more than 20% of Volotea’s revenues.

I spoke to Carlos Munoz, CEO of Volotea, about  Volotea’s success strategy.


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