Vistara fuels ambitious growth plans with dynamic revenue management

Fabien-Bjorn Tuft & Jan Buyckx

Product Development Analyst, Amadeus IT Group & Product Manager, Amadeus IT Group

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As our first Altéa customer in India, Vistara is leading the way in implementing new strategies to fuel an ambitious plan for growth. Realising that legacy revenue management systems will not be adequate to fulfil their vision, the innovative new airline, launched by Singapore Airlines and Tata Group, adopted Altéa Segment Revenue Management early on.

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Vistara recognised the challenges of collecting, integrating, and analysing large quantities of complex data from multiple sources. The Altéa Segment Revenue Management solution is entirely integrated with Amadeus’s Passenger Services System ensuring smooth data collection and analysis. Its user-friendly interface empowered Vistara’s rapidly growing Revenue Management team to quickly take control over their flights’ demand forecast and optimization. The automated processes, the daily optimizations and tailored user alerts allowed the Revenue Analysts to reduce manual user interventions allowing them more time   to focus on analysis of performance & optimising forward demand.

Future plans and Customer based solutions

Vistara has ambitious growth plans for the future and Amadeus’s integrated solutions offer the tools needed to support their goals. Until recently, 80% of airline revenue has been generated from seat sales, with just 10% from revenue management practices and customer experience,according to CAPA.

Now, technological advances in revenue management techniques have given airlines the ability to turn their attention to customer value.

Altéa Segment Revenue Management uses unique, customer-centric, predictive technology that abandons the traditional transactional-based model in favour of the whole customer value. This allows airlines to take all passenger related activity – including fare families, ancillaries, customer preferences, loyalty – and combine them with sophisticated optimisation algorithms to adapt prices dynamically.

Our technology empowers start-up full service airlines like Vistara to optimise their revenue management practices, while diversifying services which presents new merchandising opportunities for extra revenue, an estimated $130 Billion USD by 2020. Airlines around the world have taken heed of this lucrative opportunity, which has contributed to our position as a leaderin providing revenue management solutions for Altéa segment based airlines.

Have a look at our Altéa Segment Revenue Management site for more information.


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