VisitEurope app inspires travel from start to finish

Lionel Hoellinger

Amadeus Mobile

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Planning travel starts with inspiration. That awe-inspiring mountain backdrop. The perfect stretch of shoreline. Little villages seemingly untouched by time. These are the things that tantalize our senses and ignite our passion to travel.


The VisitEurope app – which we developed in partnership with the European Travel Commission – aims to not only inspire travellers but also helps them plan their trip from start to finish. This comprehensive, one-stop travel application starts by providing travellers with inspirational photography of Europe’s most beautiful destinations – from the Balos Chania in Greece to the pristine nature of Lapland, Finland – then gives them options to set in motion a travel plan via a detailed map with pins of European destinations, down to the effective booking on a merchant partner website.

Inspiring Travel

High quality photos of Europe, videos, and images extracted from the user’s social graph, made possible through optional Facebook login, allows the app to merge inspiration and price into a single process, while leveraging Amadeus Extreme Search technology to offer potential travellers multiple entryways to make bookings.

Travel search is extremely fragmented, but the VisitEurope app is the first app that unites inspiration and conversion into one simple user interface rich with content, that we have created in close partnership with the European Travel Commission. We are pleased to have contributed to this innovation with our technology, our global footprint and our industry knowledge. This is a perfect example of how Amadeus contributes to shaping the future of travel, in Europe and beyond.

Download the iPad app here or check it out on the web here. It will also be available very soon on the www.visiteurope.comwebsite. Available globally, the app is optimised at an initial stage for the Americas, including the US, Canada, Chile, Brazil and Argentina, where it is able to compute the price of a long-haul flight to Europe on top of all the inspirational elements. Try it and send us your feedback!


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