Virgin Australia chooses Amadeus for flight management

Sunil Joseph

Regional Director Airline Business Group - South Pacific, Amadeus IT Group

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This is a significant achievement for us as this is the first time that the solution will be delivered as a standalone component to an airline that is not using the Amadeus Altéa Suite. As a member of the Altéa family, Virgin Australia will be able to automate aircraft load control and optimise flight departures.

AirportWe’ve reached another milestone in Asia Pacific as Virgin Australia becomes the first airline to adopt our Amadeus Altéa Departure Control – Flight Management as a standalone solution.

Smoother luggage travel

The doors are now open to airlines who are looking for a best-in-class weight and balance solution without wanting to go through a full migration to a new passenger service system. Our Altéa Departure Control – Flight Management solution improves the productivity of load controllers and enables airlines to centralise load control operations. This means load controllers can safely handle many flights simultaneously through a single, intuitive, graphical interface, without having to switch between different systems.

The solution also helps airlines analyse passenger and cargo load more precisely, and optimises aircraft load distribution. This enables airlines to more accurately forecast the fuel needed for every flight departure. Currently, the solution is used by more than 90 airlines and ground handlers around the world.

I look forward to working with Virgin Australia in this partnership, which further underlines our commitment to personalising our solutions to help our customers drive better business results.


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