[VIDEO] Our vision for the global travel industry explained simply

Anna Kofoed

Global Head of Travel Content Sourcing, Amadeus IT Group

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Travel is an important part of our lives and Amadeus is always there – whether you’re a travel provider or a customer of travel products and services.

Our solutions facilitate journeys for hundreds of millions every year giving us a unique viewpoint to understand what travellers will want in the future. They'll want to put together their own unique travel experiences. They'll expect their journeys to be one single smooth experience - from thinking of where to go, to buying tickets, to arriving at the airport, to travelling and then reaching their final destination. And they will expect the companies they travel with to make a positive impact on society and the environment - both locally and globally.

We're a technology company dedicated to the global travel industry. It's a large business operating at a massive scale, but what we offer travel businesses can be explained simply.

Amadeus: Who We Are

Check out this video for the whole picture of how we’re already working with our customers and partners to shape the future of travel.

Amadeus: Who We Are