Lycafly MD Bob Govan shares his outlook on technology in the business travel world

Diane Bouzebiba

Managing Director, Amadeus UK and Ireland

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Amadeus is excited about the work we are doing in partnership with customers from every corner of the globe. Our aim? To shape the future of travel. But what does that involve? Where do travel sellers see the industry heading and what pivotal role do they play in this rapidly evolving landscape?


Each customer success story is unique. Each has a message for anyone willing to apply fresh thinking, which equips them to embrace opportunities and overcome challenges.

We asked Lycafly Travel Management’s Managing Director, Bob Govan, from the United Kingdom, to explain his outlook and thinking behind the development of a 21st century travel management offer that is centred on the world in your pocket – the Smartphone. Lycafly Travel Management is the business travel division of the Lycamobile prepaid mobile SIM card provider, Europe’s largest pre-pay mobile virtual network operator (MVNO).

In the video interview, Bob shares his insights, based on decades of business experience, and outlines some of the challenges the travel industry faces in its quest to deliver customer satisfaction against a rising tide of consumer expectations and demands.

Tellingly, Bob reveals how the opportunity to develop a 1-2-1 customer relationship doesn’t only exist at the trip planning and booking stages. With the right technology, travel sellers can be present along every step of the journey.

We are confident that you will find this interview thought-provoking and insightful. After hearing what Bob has to say on the matter, why not share your own perspective? Together, we can shape the future of travel.


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