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VIDEO: How Amadeus is minimizing the impact of content fragmentation

Jay Richmond

Head of Managed Travel - North America, Amadeus

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One of the most frustrating issues in the travel industry today is the fragmentation of content. Imagine booking your airfare in one place and then having to go somewhere else to book ancillaries such as seat assignment and/or checked bag. Travelers are flooded with options in different sources, which has made it even more complex to navigate. So how can the traveler, TMC or travel agent know they’re finding the “best deal”?

As we all know, challenges present an opportunity to find a solution! In our first installment of our key trends video series, our leaders in corporate travel (including myself) share how Amadeus is working to minimize the impact of content fragmentation so our agencies and partners can access a full range of travel content in one platform.


Stay tuned for the next installment and subscribe to the Amadeus Youtube channel to watch upcoming videos in the series. For more information about how your company can build a stronger, more innovative partnership with Amadeus, contact salesinquiries@amadeus.com.

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