[VIDEO] What is the future of travel in Asia Pacific?

Karun Budhraja

Vice President, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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Last year, Asia was highlighted as having more residents than the rest of the world combined. Check out the world map with population spread here. It serves as a stark reminder of just how enormous Asia is without even factoring in Australia and New Zealand. The UN predicts that Asia’s urban population will increase from 1.9 billion to 3.3 billion by 2050 – further underlining the incredible transformation the region as a whole will experience in the coming decades.



Satisfying passenger needs

It’s clear – we’re in for an exciting ride and technology, limited only by our imagination, will be leading the way for travel players in the region. They will need to respond to a multitude of travellers’ desires including ways to provide a seamless journey and access to reliable information on the go while delivering more personalised experiences. Mobilewill empower travel players to fulfil these desires and Asia Pacific will be the proving grounds for many new technologies with close to 3 billion mobile users in the region today.

Coinciding with the omnipresence of mobile and Asia Pacific’s penchant for early adoption of new technology- a recent Oxford Economics studysuggests that China may overtake the US as the largest source of outbound travel spend in the world this year, with its share of global outbound travel expenditure set to rise from 1% in 2005 to 20% in 2023. China may also surpass the US as the world’s largest domestic travel market by 2017. China is travel’s final frontierand Asia Pacific travel players need to be prepared to provide these travellers with connected and personalised travel experiences in order to stay competitive.

Take a look at our new video and see what our partners have to say about the future of travel in Asia Pacific. Let us know if you think the future of travel will look like this...

What is the Future of Travel in Asia Pacific?


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