Valentine’s Day search trends reveal top 10 cities of love

Pascal Clement

Head of Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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Leading the pack was Paris as one would expect. Paris topped the list with nearly 5.5% of global searches for that weekend, with London not far behind. Sin City, also known as Las Vegas, came in third place, surprisingly enough, with just over 3% of global searches.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and for many that means a long romantic weekend away. Data unearthed by our Search Analysis tool has revealed the top 10 most searched destinations during the Valentine’s Day weekend and the results fall in line with our expectations for the most part.

Rounding out the top five were Amsterdam and Rome. In sixth place, the Big Apple, New York City, garnered nearly 2.5% of global searches, followed by Barcelona, Berlin, Prague, and Dublin.

Regional Results

Regionally, in Asia, Bangkok led the way, followed by Hong Kong, and Singapore. The Pacific region was led by Melbourne, followed by Sydney, and Auckland. In Europe, the list was similar to the global top 10 with Paris and London in first and second place, however Amsterdam crept into third. North American searches were dominated by Las Vegas, with New York City, and New Orleans in second and third places.

Our data analysis also revealed how far in advance people were searching and the number of days they wanted to stay at their destination. New Zealand, we can tenuously assume, is the most romantic region based upon their advanced booking times and average stay of three days. Interestingly enough, the French had one of the lowest durations of stay, with an average of two days.

This is the data as it stood on January 19th, and it gives a good idea of the top picks from those who plan in advance. What will all of the last minute Romeos be looking for over the next two weeks?

Have a look at our Valentine’s Day travel analysis infographic for more interesting finds about the trends during this time.


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