[UPDATE] The Amadeus Data Centre in numbers [infographic]

Stine Kirkegaard

Senior Communication Consultant, Amadeus IT Group

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From accessing 95% of the world’s scheduled network airline seats to processing a mind boggling 1.6 billion+ transactions per day – the Amadeus Data Centre powers global travel with a focus on availability and reliability.


It’s often referred to as the ‘brain of travel ’ – a well-deserved moniker as the Amadeus Data Centre in Erding, Germany is integral to everything that we do here at Amadeus.

Maintaining one of the largest privately owned data centres in Europe is a great responsibility that we take very seriously.

As a result, we’re constantly expanding and upgrading the capabilities of the Amadeus Data Centre with a clear vision for the future.

To keep you up to date with the most current numbers – we’ve updated our popular Amadeus Data Centre infographic with the latest facts and figures.

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