Unlocking remarkable advertising results with Total Trip Targeting

Jamie Woolley

Senior Manager - Media Solutions Marketing, Amadeus IT Group

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The online world is cluttered with a wide array of advertising messages making it a real challenge for brands to break through the noise to reach the right audience, at the right time. From our unique vantage point in the travel industry, we saw the opportunity to help advertisers reach a unique audience of travellers and travel buyers over our global travel agent network and traveller-facing platforms. This concept is bringing great results for advertisers that want to promote their travel-related products and services.


Now we’re taking this technology to another level. Through data-driven traveller insights, we’re giving advertisers the ability to accompany their target customers right through the travel journey – from the initial search, through to booking and on the trip itself.

This unique concept, which we call Total Trip Targeting, brings together in a single platform, a mix of channels and targeting data that extends through the customer journey. Advertisers can identify and reach their audiences across a range of media that includes display banners, video, mobile apps and travel documents.

And the results, as detailed in our new report Total Trip Targeting: Unique Advertising Opportunities in Travel, are evident in the branding impacts, market-beating click-through rates and the conversion metrics advertisers are seeing.

By using this traveller understanding to drive targeting, messaging and media placement, one advertiser referenced in the paper has raised brand awareness among a critical target audience by 36%. Another has run a campaign that achieved a click-through rate of 1.04% - more than 10 times higher than a comparable industry benchmark. For another, the ability to serve relevant and timely advertisements to travellers drove sales up by 35%.

The omnipresence of Total Trip Targeting is what makes it so unique. There is no other practical and cost-effective way to focus on travellers at so many different stages through the customer journey, using both on and offline channels.

Our paper explores why travel is so valuable to brands and explains how advertisers are using Total Trip Targeting to build a dialogue with global travellers to achieve remarkable campaign results.

Download a copy of the Total Trip Targeting: Unique Advertising Opportunities in Travel report and visit the Amadeus Media Solutions page for more information.


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