Unlock revenue and enhance loyalty with new airline personalisation technology

Meg O'Keefe

Director Sales & Merchandising Solutions, Airline IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Creating a better travel experience for airline passengers starts with offering them what they want and making sure they are happy throughout their journey. Do they usually purchase excess baggage? Have they had a negative experience that warrants a little something extra on their next flight? Do they prefer chauffeur service upon arrival? If an airline doesn’t know the answer to these questions, then from a traveller’s viewpoint, they’re no different from a multitude of other airline brands they could have chosen instead.

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Airlines face a number of major challenges in effectively managing the experiences of their customers primarily because they don’t know them well enough or in some cases, don’t know them at all. Coupled with the technological complexities of implementing a customer centric business approach, these challenges restrict airlines from being able to effectively personalise their traveller’s journeys, while building a positive customer experience. The latter presents an uphill climb for airlines when it comes to sustaining brand loyalty and steady revenues in today’s marketplace.

But technology can help. Our vision of personalisation in the global travel ecosystem is to reach every customer, while delivering a premium, branded, experience throughout their entire lifetime, seamlessly and consistently across all touch points they interact with. In doing so airlines could unlock more than $130 billion in revenues by 2020, as indicated by ‘Thinking like a retailer’, an Amadeus-commissioned white paper based on research done with 15 airlines across 6 continents.

Our flagship personalisation solution, Amadeus Customer Experience Management, will be a big part of turning this vision into reality. This enterprise level, end-to-end solution helps airlines manage and personalise offers and services by integrating valuable customer knowledge and personalisation logic into the travel life cycle, all the way from pre-shopping inspiration to the post-travel servicing, helping make customer experience seamless and personalised at every step of the journey.


360 degree customer view with Amadeus Customer Experience Management

360 degree customer view with Amadeus Customer Experience Management

Airlines can now generate data driven insights and actionable knowledge on customers that can be applied to all airline operational environments allowing them to centre their business operations on and around the traveller. Airlines will finally be able to provide seamless, consistent and personalised services all along their customer’s journey, enhancing the total travel experience. They’ll be able to propose relevant offers at the right time through the right touch-points based on the context and computed knowledge on the traveller.

Perhaps most importantly, this solution empowers airlines with a comprehensive, real-time picture of who their customers are so they can cater to their implicit expectations and explicit demands while travelling. It is the ultimate tool for building brand loyalty through an understanding of each and every customer of the airline. This unique, cutting edge technology will integrate completely with an array of both non-Amadeus applications and Amadeus applications such as the Altéa Suite, Amadeus Merchandising Platform, Amadeus Travel Intelligence System, Amadeus Digital Suite, and the various Amadeus touch points.

The buzz generated amongst airlines at the solution’s launch in Bangkok recently is promising and there is much talk about how Amadeus Customer Experience Management will be a key tool in the race to understand what the traveller tribes of the future really want.

Visit the Amadeus Customer Experience Management solution web page for more information about this breakthrough airline industry technology.


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