Understanding the anatomy of today’s Asia Pacific travellers

Albert Pozo

President, Amadeus Asia Pacific

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If you're a fitness junkie, then your new best friend is probably a Fitbit. It’s with you 24/7, knows what you consume, records how many steps you have taken and the number of hours of sleep you have clocked. Beyond just tracking, it also has a network of friends (in the form of apps) who can take external forces into consideration and recommend alternatives to better your lifestyle.


We are now in the new age of wellness and just like fitness, we are in a new age of travel: the Age of Traveller Power. More people are travelling than ever before, and they’re going further with more specific reasons and with new channels to express their aspirations. With a smart device in nearly every hand, today’s traveller is well-informed and demands enhanced service throughout the entire travel lifecycle.

Wouldn't it be great if there was technology like the Fitbit for travellers? Perhaps, a tracker that allowed the traveller to understand how external and internal forces are affecting their well-being while informing them about what motivates and inspires them.

In fact, Amadeus is working to bring such technology to life by investing in data and research to better understand travellers’ diverse and morphing needs. Data can be incredibly useful, but misleading if interpreted inaccurately. It’s important not only to understand demographic and geographic information, but also the psychographic nuances that influence travel decisions and behaviours.

In our Travel Lounge videoseries, we spoke to travellers in the Asia Pacific region and filmed their unscripted thoughts on travel. What we found was unique and personalised perspectives on the use of technology, business travel, ease of planning trips, how travel can make the world a better place and the overall transformation of the industry.

On a more macro scale, the Amadeus Future Traveller Tribes 2030paper identifies the different ‘tribes’ or traveller segments that will shape the future of travel through to the end of the next decade. Much like the tracking of your daily activities, diet and sleep, both the Travel Lounge video series and Traveller Tribes paper track the behaviours of the traveller in Asia Pacific.

Tracking data is but one step of the overall fitness regime. Engaging with a personal trainer or nutritionist to support a fitness regime is also a big piece of the puzzle. This is much like the travel ecosystem. Airlines, travel agents, rail providers, hotels and airports all support the traveller at every step of the journey.

Having a coach that understands the nuances of how your body ticks, and making tailored recommendations based on your needs, is vital. Likewise, travel agents and travellers need a trusted partner that truly understands the travel landscape in Asia to stay ahead of the competition.

With solutions like the Amadeus Customer Experience Management system and our cutting edge Altéa technology, which is used by 30 of Asia Pacific’s leading airlines, we are perfectly positioned to help travel players deliver a more personalised, connected, and sustainable travel experience.

We’re invested in the long term health of the travel ecosystem and we’re pumped up for a workout. Are you?


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