Understanding NextGen travellers should be top priority for travel industry players

Mónica Clemente

Senior Manager, Innovations and Ventures, Amadeus IT Group

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Recent research we have conducted looking specifically into this age group (focusing on 18-30 year olds, university students, frequent travellers, smartphone users) has shown that they share similar concerns, needs and interests regardless of the country in which they currently live.

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Today, 2.5 billion people Worldwide are under the age of 30 – which means that taking a close look into this segment and further investigating their needs and interests is increasingly important for all players in the travel industry.


What these Next-gen travellers want

NextGen travellers are also trend setters (being digital natives) and will be (hopefully) heavy travellers in the future – so it is more important than ever to understand how they act and what expectations they have in order to anticipate what their future needs will be.

In the following blogs we will share our main conclusions regarding this generation, including the one key insight of their perception of themselves as “explorers”.

This vision (of being “explorers”) can actually be applied to different areas of their life – for example their relationship with technology, content consumption and travel. This is a very important aspect to take into consideration as the travel industry works to position products or services to them.

The concept of being “explorers” and being clearly empowered consumers means that they do not necessarily want choices made for them but rather they desire to have the right to choose by themselves making use of the technology available at their fingertips.

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