Study indicates large portion of UK travellers open to taking their first cruise

Rose Fernandez

Director of Marketing, Amadeus UK and Ireland

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Where are the opportunities to sell more cruise holidays? What obstacles need to be tackled to convince new-to-cruise customers to book? To find out, we commissioned independent research specialist YouGov in April 2015 to explore UK travellers’ attitudes to cruise holidays. We asked a representative sample of adults what they want from a cruise holiday, talked to them about their perceptions of cruise and explored their cruise shopping and purchasing experiences.

Bringing new customers onboard

The growth of the cruise market over the last decade presents a golden opportunity for travel sellers and cruise providers, and our latest study supports this notion with a survey indicating that 52% of UK travellers aged 24 – 55 would be open to taking a cruise for the first time. At Amadeus, we’re determined to help the industry benefit from this trend and drive even more growth.  That’s why we develop tools that make it easier to sell cruise products.

Looking to the future, the research also focused on the next generation of cruise holidaymakers, asking younger ‘Millennial generation’ travellers to tell us how they view the cruise industry.

The picture that emerges is positive. A large proportion of UK travellers are favourable to the idea of taking their first cruise. Challenging the ‘cruise is only suitable for retirees’ stereotype, it was revealing to learn that more than half of younger adults who holiday abroad say they could be tempted to go on a cruise.

But the data suggests that the industry must focus on how to entice people to take cruise holidays through greater engagement and further development of the cruise product; especially the demand for increased personalisation options. There’s a clear opportunity to communicate the wide range of experiences and terrific value that cruise holidays offer to new and existing customers. The ability to offer more customised travel options will be key to tapping into a huge market of consumers who have not yet tried a cruise holiday. This is particularly true of Millennial travellers.

Some explanatory numbers

  • 42% of adults who holiday abroad and have never taken a cruise would be tempted to do so in the future. Among travellers aged 24 – 55, this rises to 52%.
  • 31% of respondents would be more likely to book a cruise holiday if they were offered unique, interesting or hard-to-reach destinations.
  • Respondents value their travel agent most for their ability to provide up to date information on offers and deals (41%), followed by their ability to provide tailored travel options (38%) and give expert advice on the best travel destinations (35%)

Amadeus is committed to supporting the cruise industry by investing in technology that enables travel sellers and providers to connect and serve today’s travellers. By seeking to gain insight into current consumer perceptions, we are working with our customers to shape the future of travel.

Download your free copy of Bringing new customers onboard: UK cruise market consumer insightstoday.


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