UK and Ireland Business Travel Insights: The 21st Century Business Traveller

Diane Bouzebiba

Managing Director, Amadeus UK and Ireland

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Accordingly, we’ve commissioned this report to help us, and our customers, succeed in travel by getting closer to the people who are at the centre of everything we do: the travellers.

The 21st Century Business Traveller

The business travel landscape is constantly changing, and we know that corporate travel managers and Travel Management consultants need to do everything they can to listen better to their clients’ evolving needs and expectations.

The 21st Century Business Traveller highlights the opportunities to help travellers and corporates succeed in today’s fast-moving business landscape. It presents a useful snapshot of today’s business traveller in the UK and Ireland, which will be of interest to corporate travel managers and road warriors alike.

The report draws on specially commissioned research among 400 UK and Ireland business travellers, working for larger companies, to paint a portrait of the 21st Century Business Traveller.

What's in the guide?

The 21st Century Business Travellerexamines how travel managers can best meet the evolving needs of both the business and the traveller and provides action points to help corporate travel departments maintain and grow their relevance to the business.

The research pinpoints some areas where travel managers can make improvements:

  • Equip travellers to deal more effectively with changes to their travel arrangements: 51% of travellers had to alter their travel plans in 2012, and 54% of travellers believe travel managers could do more to help them.
  • There is a clear appetite among business travellers for services that enhance their travel experience, such as the option to include self-funded leisure travel. Take advantage of this to offer travellers more value, with destination information and discount offers that they can access via corporate travel tools.
  • Turn the BYOD trend to your advantage: put the expertise of your department into your travellers’ hands by allowing travellers to use their smartphones and tablet devices to plan, book and amend their travel arrangements.

Seeing the whole picture

The 21st Century Business Travelleroffers a big picture view: to truly understand traveller needs and maintain and grow into the future the strong levels of compliance revealed by the research, travel managers need to actively involve travellers in shaping the corporate travel policy.

The report was officially launched to coincide with the Business Travel Showand Travel Technology show at Earls Court in London earlier this week – and we conducted a number of interviews there with industry experts – which will be appearing on this blog soon.

Have a look at the The 21st Century Business Travellerreport for a full explanation of the findings and key action points and share your comments on below.


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