Twitter Q&A reveals key aspects of personalisation for airlines

Gianni Pisanello

VP, NDC-X program, Amadeus

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I had the opportunity to take control of the @AmadeusITGroup twitter handle for a lively Q&A session about personalisation in the airline industry and I was impressed with the questions and interest generated by the topic. Have a look below for a recap of the session and check out the hashtag #AskAmadeus for all of the questions from the Q&A.

Q1: Is the ‘internet of things’ sufficiently developed to offer new airline personalisation services? Q2: How can personalisation be used to increase conversion during the ‘post-trip’ phase? Q3: What can personalisation do for travellers? Q4: Is there a line that can’t be crossed in relation to data privacy? Q5: How can personalisation help airlines? Q6: When I think of personalisation Netflix comes to mind. Can we expect to see something like this in the travel space? Q7: If the ‘internet of things’ is not there yet - do you feel social media analysis could be useful beyond traditional enterprise data? Q8: What are some concrete personalisation techniques? Q9: Isn't personalisation a bit creepy? Q10: Is it costly to process all of the data needed for airline personalisation?

And finally, a question that came in after we had finished, Q11:


Great question Edward. First let me reassure you we care deeply about the end consumer – traveller comes first. A year ago I made a presentation positing that airlines should not personalise on price. Why? Because it makes no business sense. If you personalise on price, you lose trust with the consumer, and you will very likely not see that consumer again. Personalisation in my view is about constructing the most relevant mix of products and services that meet the needs of the consumer, and is delivered at the time and in the manner that best suits the consumer. Personalisation works when it delivers value to consumers by facilitating their shopping experience and offering products & services that can enhance the travel experience.

What did you think of the session? Have some other questions you’d like to ask? Let me know with a comment below or send a tweet with your thoughts!


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