Turning travel agency low-cost bookings into profit

Maryline Balaÿ

Sr. Manager, Travel Agency Marketing, Amadeus IT Group

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At Amadeus our daily mission is to ensure we provide travel agent customers with the best content in the most efficient way.

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Did you know that more than 80% of all bookable airlines in Amadeus today can be booked at the highest level of access - which means real-time availability, instant confirmation, real-time schedule updates and top accuracy? Your benefit: more chances to get your customer to say ‘yes’.

But not only do we do this to guarantee you the most relevant traditional air content, we do this for low-cost & hybrid carriers too.


With the recent introduction of our new light ticketing connectivity and with easyJet as our pilot customer, you can book and make changes to easyJet flights and services directly on the system and automatically include them in your sales reporting just like with any other carrier. This guarantees you efficiency and therefore cost savings when it comes to low-cost & hybrid carrier bookings.

Aside from this major enhancement, did you know that you can already book over 70low-cost & hybrid carriersdirectly via the Amadeus system? And many of these can indeed be booked with the same workflow & connectivity level as traditional carriers.

Having this content readily available and easily bookable for you becomes even more critical when you realise that low-cost carriers are shifting their focus. No longer are they targeting pure leisure travellers, more and more we see them flying to the main airports and targeting the business travel segment.

To find out more about our full low-cost offer, how to book them and how you can turn your low-cost bookings into profit, I invite you to take a look atour low-cost & hybrid carriers demo. And don’t forget to explore the world of content at your fingertips with Amadeus Selling Platform via ourinteractive content mapwhich allows visibility on carriers available in the system and the benefits that come with booking through Amadeus.

This post is part of a series exploring how Amadeus is driving the next phase of growth for low cost and hybrid carriers. See new posts as they are published on theLCC page.


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