Travellers seek sincere, personal and impartial advice - and it's not only online

Marijana Bergman

Online Marketing, Amadeus IT Group

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Guaranteeing genuine content is, in my opinion, one of the biggest issues of interactive travel platforms, along with a lack of information about travellers. Knowing whether the reviewer has similar interests and ways of travelling as oneself would be a great help. According to different surveys, more and more travellers are enjoying increased autonomy in the early stages of a travel experience. This trend comes as a no surprise considering the variety of options provided by interesting and useful travel technology available nowadays, particularly online.

slovenian mountain


Have you ever planned a whole trip yourself just because you enjoyed doing it? If so, you are not alone. Planning my last trip to Slovenia and Croatia was all about combining travel blogs and reviews with different mobile applications, trying to consult as many sources as possible. This way I reduced the risk of relying on a single, possibly biased opinion, especially in light of the latest controversy onfake reviewson some travel sites.

Industry professionals believe that research, including comparing price and availability, is the area which offers most opportunities for technology to improve the customer experience.  It seems that online platforms allowing these actions are moving in the right direction, since using them in travel planning is becoming increasingly popular. Travel websites, mobile applications and social communities make planning easier, quicker and more fun. What travellers do seek is sincere, personal and impartial advice. When making travel decisions, we look for an authentic opinion from travellers who have been to the same destination or used the same travel service providers, preferably with similar travel objectives.

traditional croatian crafts


Bearing these limitations in mind, reviews can also be very useful during the trip, for ad hoc decisions like choosing a local restaurant or a provider of a new sport you want to learn. When travelling to Slovenia or Croatia, I encourage you to not only take advantage of online reviews, but also look for a good old “offline” advice from travellers and locals out there. As much as I enjoy planning a trip, I advise you to leave at least some part of it unplanned. Why? You can still find places there that are relatively unexplored by tourists that surprise you on every corner, nomatter how many reviews you read and online sites you check. 

coastal town in southern Croatia

You can still knock on the door of a traditional coastal village house and get a room with amazing views as well as drive along the road and discover hidden natural wonders in the mountains.

Enjoy your next travel planning experience!


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