[VIDEO] Travelgenio and Amadeus – a five year success story

Ludo Verheggen

Online & IT Sales Director, Amadeus España

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The ability to grow with your clients, and to see them grow with you, is always fulfilling after so much hard work comes to fruition. And the feeling of fulfillment is even greater when cooperation with a client starts from the beginning, during their very first steps.


This is what happened with Travelgenioand Amadeus España, who have been collaborating since 2009 to shape the future of travel.

Five years on, this online travel agency, which specializes in air travel, is one of the fastest growing in the Spanish market, with sales nearly doubling every year since our relationship was formed.

International expansion brings further challenges, but also new opportunities for expanded partnerships. Amadeus’ global presence facilitates the entry in foreign markets, and solutions such as the Amadeus Payment Platform are an interesting option for companies, like Travelgenio, who desire to experience continued success and growth.

Have a look at the video below to hear the story about our partnership firsthand from the Founder and General Manager of Travelgenio, Mariano Pelizzari.

Travelgenio and Amadeus: A Five Year Success Story


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