Travel Technology Day in Italy brings industry players together for insightful debate

Tommaso Vincenzetti

Marketing and Business Development Director, Amadeus Italy

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Tourism is extremely important to Italy as it represents 6% of the entire economy - which translates to approximately 83 billion Euros – and debate at this year’s Travel Technology Day reflected this.



Our second Travel Technology Day, held atop Milan’s Pirelli tower, was a memorable event with more than 200 in attendance plus 20 journalists from national trade and financial publications, with many more following along via live streaming and on Twitter, with over 1300 tweets posted regarding the event. The event also saw lively discussion on social media withRoberta Milano, respected Italian journalist, blogger, and the Director of the Master in Tourism and Economics at Bocconi University, moderating the forum.

Discussions at the event touched upon many topics from innovation in tourism to understanding the new dynamics of travel consumption, including the evolution of travel booking on smartphone devices. One topic that sparked especially lively debate surrounded the services that consumers will want to use during the next decade, in a world where trade is globalized.

If you’re an Italian speaker, visit theevent main pagefor background on some of the speakers and check out the Twitter hash tag#ttday13to get a feel for the online discussion that took place throughout the day.

See a selection of pictures tweeted by attendees, below:



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