Travel start-ups pitch their innovations at T3 Business Forum in France

Juan Giron

Global Corporate Communications Manager, Amadeus

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Some 30 European start-ups pulled out all the stops at the T3 Business Forum for Tourism, Transport and Technology to convince a jury that their business offering deserved to jump to the next level. This all happened in the Pavillon Dauphine, one of Paris’ most chic venues, at the edge the Bois de Boulogne.

In its second edition, the forum looked at further strengthening the culture of technology innovation and groundbreaking ideas for services in the travel sector.

Evantia Giumba, Head of Business Development, Amadeus France, outlined the value of disruption brought to the travel industry by the most innovative start-ups.

Innovation and audacity go together in the start-ups mindset. Patrick Jeantet, Deputy CEO Aéroports de Paris, is optimistic about the future collaboration ahead.

Pascal Pham, president of Skyboard, is a firm believer in open innovation and has also invested in innovative technology coming from start-ups.

Innovation as a differential factor from competitors is key in the travel sector, as explained by Pierre-Olivier Bandet, Executive Vice President, Chairman’s Office and Public Affairs, Air France.

Georges Rudas, General Manager Amadeus France, said Amadeus is committed to carry on supporting new generations of companies that will help shape the future of travel.

Participant start-ups awarded by the T3 Business Forum 2015 were Stanley Robotics (“park your vehicle right by the terminal; a robot will take care of it while you’re away”), Fluo (first advisor engine for travel insurance), Sépage (knowledge graph technologies to build advanced personalization in travel websites) and Theatre in Paris (multilingual service for theatres with “surtitling” –text projected above the stage ).

Amadeus takes start-ups very seriously. Some examples in France include the T3 Business Forum, the Welcome City Lab, and the creation of the European Innovation Academy in Nice.

But other initiatives are carried out at regional/market level such as the organisation of more and more hackathons worldwide and also the Amadeus for Startups programme launched in March to help North American travel start-ups with the latest technology, expertise and consultative support.

Partnerships with leading incubators have also been created like the one with Travel Startups Incubator, which will be granted access to Amadeus' tenured team of travel experts and best-in-class technology solutions, as well as opportunities to participate in industry training workshops, start-up boot camps and educational seminars co-hosted by both organisations.

At the corporate level, there are cross-border initiatives such as Amadeus Ventures, the corporate venture capital fund that identifies and invests in start-ups that have already developed a working prototype in sectors that we see as being at the forefront of developing market trends.