Our top travel reports and research papers of 2015

John Webb

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus

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2015 has been a year full of insightful research, whitepapers, and reports about the travel industry – ranging from our ground breaking Traveller Tribes research to our comprehensive case study with easyJet. Here are a few of the top travel reports we’ve released:

Future Traveller Tribes 2030: Understanding tomorrow’s traveller

This study identifies the different ‘tribes’ or different traveller segments that will shape the future of travel through to the end of the next decade. The Future Foundation moved beyond solely demographic-based segmentation, and instead took a rigorous psychographic approach drawing on not just traditional labels but the personality traits, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles of travellers, in the context of a truly globalised world.

Research illuminates steps for successful business travel programmes in Asia Pacific

Travel is often among the largest controllable expenses for companies after payroll and benefits. There is a risk of it being seen as a cost to be scrutinised, rather than an ally to be embraced. The Essential Asia Pacific Corporate Travel Handbook outlines the steps companies can take to develop the most powerful travel programme and take full advantage of the opportunities available.

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Building a more rewarding journey for future traveller tribes

The next phase of our Future Traveller Tribes 2030 research, this report seeks to answer the critical questions of ‘how will purchasing habits evolve?’ and how can the airline industry respond to these emerging traveller behaviours to build a more rewarding and connected traveller journey, from ‘inspiring to arriving’?

easyJet and Amadeus: Partnering for Success in European Business Travel

easyJet set out with a clear objective to increase corporate travel bookings using Amadeus Light Ticketing and they’ve since doubled growth year-on-year, both online and offline through a market by market approach, where Amadeus personnel were tasked with driving LCC and specifically easyJet adoption through a programme of education and training with TMC and corporate partners. This success is detailed in our joint case study entitled easyJet’s Success in European Business Travel: A Case Study in Partnership with Amadeus.

Why safeguarding information matters to the Chief Commercial Officer

Safeguarding information systems: A lever for revenue growth, brings together analysis, expert contributors and real world examples to give a comprehensive overview on data care, the rising impact of fraud, and the response of the industry. This paper provides talking points for security professionals looking to convince their commercial counterparts of the importance of taking good care of the data they are responsible for and for commercial executives looking to get up to speed on how they can use security to unlock top line revenue growth.

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