Travel related services in the booking flow help meet business travellers' growing demand for efficiency

Florian Tinnus

Head of Corporate IT, Amadeus IT Group

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Simple time saving features like being able to request travel related services during the booking process can make a big difference for business travellers. Rather than spending time offline organising travel visas, requesting cash advances, or asking for the use of a corporate car – business travellers would be much better served if they could handle all of these things through the same booking process as the trip itself.


It comes as no surprise and may even sound a bit cliché – but for business travellers time is money. They are busy people and they value efficiency, connectivity and productivity above all else. Our recent study, Amadeus Business Travel Insights, further reiterates this notion with research based on an online survey of over 400 business travellers. Business travellers want to be able to plan every facet of a trip with click of a button.

Corporations want more control over travel spend by proposing up-front an exhaustive list of approved services. On the other hand, business travellers want to save their precious time. Including travel related services in the booking flow kills two birds with one stone by facilitating trip organisation and increasing control over related spending.

Amadeus e-Travel Management makes this possible by giving travellers and travel arrangers the possibility to request additional services online as they book their business trip. The request is then handled by the travel agent, or another a point of contact within the corporation, depending on the respective original set-ups. By channelling all travel related requests through the same online process, corporations reinforce their travel policy. This limits the risk of having travellers looking for services both outside the tool and outside the lines.

Most importantly – business travellers and travel arrangers benefit from a quicker booking process via a single entry point.Travel management companies can also propose extra services that their corporate customers increasingly expect.

Want to learn more about integration of trip related services in Amadeus e-Travel Management? Visit our website, have a look at this infographicand video, and also be sure to let us know what you think about this improvement.

Amadeus e-Travel Management: Handle Travel Related Services in One Place


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