What will define the travel purchasing behaviour of Reward Hunters?

Patricia Simillon

Head of Strategic Marketing, Airlines, Amadeus IT Group

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Reward Hunters want to know about special experiences, locations, and places to stay that are a notch above the rest. Styles of travel can vary significantly for this tribe, from a relaxing retreat to an exhilarating experience or event. They are turned off by mass-market offers, preferring to avoid the crowds and turn to or pay for expert advice and concierge services to select the right choice.

This tribe is more than willing to provide data that can be used to personalise service offerings. However, they are very discerning and will only provide data to trusted sources. They will allow a trusted concierge service or digital personal assistant to use as much personal data as they can capture. This will be from their connected home devices such as a Nest thermostat or connected fridge, smartphone and wearable data to be collected to better understand their own nutrition, fitness and overall wellbeing. As long as there is a clear benefit to providing the data, this tribe will download an app and give permissions.

Reward Hunters will be most open to service offerings and targeted advertisements during the inspiration, shopping and booking stages of the journey. They will be open to notifications in the run-up to the trip, but once they are on the plane, they will not want to be bothered. As such, smartphones will be the most important sales channel for this tribe.

Personalised bundling will be extremely effective with this tribe. Reward Hunters are happy to provide data if the airline is able to respond by creating extremely tailored bundles. Travel providers need to be very careful when contacting members of this tribe and use methods that are as non-intrusive as possible and very personalised.

Travel providers should also be looking to meet this tribe’s needs with luxury and wellness products as well as memorable experiences. VIP services should be pushed to this tribe, and fast track access, lounge, and ‘straight to plane’ services will sell well with them.

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