Quick wins that can assist travel players in going over to Lean working

Daniel Batchelor

Global Head of Corporate Communications, Amadeus IT Group

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The continued growth in the demand for travel will leave plenty of room for more delays, and more mishaps. But travel players can proactively manage these mishaps by applying the principles of Lean to their business operations.


Consistently and adventurously applying Lean principles of flow design and scheduling could do much to lower levels of frustration during the travel cycle. Travel companies need to start sensing these frustrations while they are still subterranean and respond to them before they have fully matured.

Lean in this context can bring wins not just in the online world, but also in the real world of moving passengers around. The customer journey, after all, is a physical business. Here is a short checklist of quick wins that can assist travel players in going over to Lean working:

  • Draw up complete maps of typical customer journeys, from home to destination and back again
  • Understand how your service creates value to the customer on his journey and what are the relevant dimension/metrics related to that
  • Map your key processes along those metrics and identify snags/problems

It is important to make a start, though gains through Leanness are not won overnight. In particular, it is vital to win staff over to the new ways of working.

Yet once this is done, travel companies can look forward to rapid rates of new service and development. They will be able to make more money from cleverly spotted market niches. And, perhaps most importantly, they will be better at personalising their offers to the needs of customers as individuals.

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