Travel Intelligence and its big (data) benefits

Emilie Grzywna

Head of Marketing, Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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Big data has the potential to reshape the overall travel business and travel experience. Our infographic, which can be seen below, highlights a few key reasons why. The speed at which data is generated, shared and processed, and the whopping near 3 billion people that make up our global internet population, are central pillars of the online revolution we are experiencing today.


The emergence of new technologies offers real-time data analyses and cutting edge forecasting capabilities across the entire travel cycle, allowing travel industry players to start doing things they had never even considered doing before. Big data is also today’s most powerful ingredient in the ongoing battle for competitive differentiation and personalisation.

Understanding today’s traveller is vital to gain the competitive edge: the travel industry is moving beyond standard leisure and business segmentation towards a more personalised view of the customer. Real customer understanding can be drawn from multiple sources that exist at a company, industry and global level. By harnessing those multiple data sources, travel companies will be in a position to better predict travel intentions and tailor their offer based on contextual information.

The infographic below shows three improvements that businesses can achieve by using big data.

  1. One tangible benefit is the expected impact on sales and marketing strategy: What if travel industry players could get a clear view of new markets they are considering for their expansion? New technologies such as Hadoop or No-SQL are energizing data and empowering the processing capabilities to deliver relevant information for quicker and more accurate decisions.
  2. Another improvement is the use of external data sources combined with travel data to enable better future predictions and actions, based on the weather, pollution or global events, for instance. What if travellers could get all their trips – door to door (their taxi, flight, hotel, destination services…) – automatically rebooked for them in case of external disruption?
  3. The access to enriched analyses is another bonus to increase sales opportunities: by combining the traveler-related information, such as social media content, with information from the market and different providers, travel companies could propose real personalised offers to shoppers, optimising the odds of converting them into customers.

Amadeus is uniquely positioned to deliver such benefits to our customers. With more than 25 years of experience dealing with travel data and high-performance technology in the travel industry, our Travel Intelligencedepartment is putting this knowledge base to good use. A myriad of disruptive technologies are currently available to the industry, and our platform is leveraging the best of them to provide total flexibility and scalability.

We are aware that big data offers a world of unlimited possibilities, whilst in parallel our customers have unlimited imagination and challenges. Amadeus' approach to travel intelligence brings those together in order to shape the future of travel along with our customers.



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