Knowledge is Power: Standing out in today’s travel market

Pascal Clement

Head of Travel Intelligence, Amadeus IT Group

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What if travel agents were able to have a clear picture of new markets before they expand? What if they could easily see booking trends in real-time? What if they could benchmark themselves not only against the performance of the market, but against like-for-like agencies? What would this level of knowledge do for their business?

amadeus travel intelligence

The phrase “knowledge is power” applies to the travel industry today more than ever before. Travel options are constantly changing as routes grow and decrease in use; having access to not only this information, but analysis of what this information means will help travel agents better understand market trends and how to appeal to more travellers.

Travel agents can understand travellers and improve their position in the market by leveraging dataand targeting the right people at the right time. Search Analysis and Booking Analysis, the two first modules of the Agency Insight product suite from the Amadeus Travel Intelligence business unit, were specifically developed for this, to help travel agents see the bigger picture and make the best business decisions.

Search Analysisgives travel agencies instant insights into their customer’s travel intentions. This means agencies will be able to understand when and where travellers want to go to specific destinations, and how far in advance they’re searching for flights. They can use this information to more accurately market to potential travellers; customers will enjoy customized landing pages with relevant content and offers tailored to better reflect demand.

Booking Analysis, too, takes data and analyses it to output information that helps travel agents. More specifically, it shows booking trends in a market analysed by origin and destination and by airline, which helps travel identify growing routes. Booking Analysis also lets travel agents compare their booking figures with those of the market in general as well as with a like-for-like set of competitors, so agents have a clear understanding of their position.

These two modules are the first two items in our Agency Insight suite, and are part of our larger initiative to improve operational effectiveness for travel providers. Using big data provides key differentiation opportunities; travel agents can use the information to gain an in-depth analysis of the traveller, the market, and the wider industry to ensure a uniquely personalised journey (beginning from the search stage). And with the cloud-based Travel Intelligence Engine (TIE) platform, there is no limit to the amount of data travel agents can use. The TIE, built by Amadeus purposely for the industry, also processes any data type rapidly meaning queries take minutes, not weeks.

There are many opportunities for travel agents to use big data and transform information into innovative and actionable insights. At Amadeus, we are uniquely positioned to do this for our customers. Over the past twenty-five years, we have leveraged high-performance technology in the travel industry to improve business opportunities for our customers; the Agency Insight product suite makes use of the best disruptive technologies to provide total flexibility and personalisation. Search Analysis and Booking Analysis both integrate directly with our existing product offerings, making them very simple to use.

Please see our press releaseon the launch of the Amadeus Agency Insight suite for more detail.


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