The travel industry is moving fast – make sure your business has the edge

Steve Joseph

Head of Content & Social Media, Amadeus IT Group

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The travel landscape is always evolving and new trends emerge at the blink of an eye. We work day and night to be the trail blazers of thought leadership so your business has an edge over the competition.

city landscape

And the proof is in the extensive research we put out every year.

We kicked off this year with a landmark studyShaping the future of travel in Asia Pacific: The big FOUR travel effects, which explores the key drivers of significant change in the Asia Pacific travel ecosystem over the period to 2030.

The evolution of the passenger rail industry

Then, we launched a comprehensive European Rail report –The Rail Journey to 2020– which outlines the six key trends that will shape the evolution of the passenger rail industry.

In April, we released a wealth of data available from theAmadeus Air Traffic intelligence solution, which identifies trends in air traffic volume and areas of industry growth.

Big Data took centre stage in June when we released an independent study authored by Professor Thomas H. Davenport –At the Big Data Crossroads: turning towards a smarter travel experience– which highlights that large volume, complex and unstructured datasets are beginning to reshape the industry, and so the development of big data initiatives must now be a priority for many.

Airline operations were covered extensively in our reportPassengers first: Re-thinking irregular operationsreleased in September and most recently we launchedA Digital Savannah: Africa’s e-commerce promise, which takes an in-depth look at trends and opportunities in the e-commerce space in Africa.

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