For travel agents, freedom is being able to connect anywhere at anytime

Vivian Hartjes

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Lisa Metzl of TravelManagers, Australia is a 22 year veteran of the travel industry. She’s seen a lot of change during that time, but the evolution of technology has impacted her the most. “I’ve been using Amadeus [Selling Platform] Connect for 18 months now and would be truly lost without it,” says Lisa. She also says that the best thing about Amadeus Selling Platform Connect is being able use it from anywhere. “Freedom is knowing that I can connect anywhere and on any computer.”

Being able to access the tool from anywhere was integral for her job, she says. “The best thing about using Amadeus Connect is being truly mobile, being able to connect anywhere, at anytime. Even this weekend when all I had was my iPhone on me, I was able to log on and check a booking for a client.”

Lisa is a little ‘old school’ so she prefers the command page, but at the same time she appreciates the graphical interface for times when she’s in front of her clients.

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