Travel agencies see benefits of Amadeus – easyJet partnership

Jorge Elliott

Director, Airline Distribution Sales, Amadeus IT Group

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Our partnership with easyJet has shown travel agencies that opportunity abounds in the lucrative corporate travel market. By making the booking process for easyJet and other low-cost and hybrid carriers more efficient, we’ve been able to simultaneously help travel agencies secure a piece of Europe’s corporate travel pie and substantially improve their business performance.

easyJet-Amadeus partnership creates new opportunities for Business Travel

Just how did we accomplish this? It started with adapting our technology so travel agents could benefit from LCCs without the hassles. This innovation gave birth to Amadeus Light Ticketing functionality, launched back in 2013, and the results we’ve seen so far have been impressive.

Booking LCCs in Amadeus is as easy as booking any other carrier and it’s 5 times faster than the web.  But, this success wasn’t only due to our technology enhancements. The real key was aligning our mentality to the travel agencies’, recognizing their needs and putting a relevant joint programme in place to unlock the business potential for our travel partners.

Our joint case study entitled easyJet-Amadeus partnership creates new opportunities for Business Travel details some of these results and the benefits travel agencies can leverage.

But you don’t have to take our word alone for it. Have a look at this video, featuring our travel agency partners Executive Travel, Uniglobe Travel, and Munckhof, to hear first-hand about the impact of this partnership on their operations and bottom line.

We’re continuously working hand in hand with easyJet and other LCCs to improve the offers and functionalities for our travel agency partners – so keep an eye on this blog for the latest updates.

Check out the full case study to get all the insights from our partnership programme with easyJet.


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