Transporting you into the future with travel short stories

John Webb

Social Media Consultant, Amadeus

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Imagination could also vividly paint a picture of what travel could look like in just a few years. To this end – we’ve commissioned a few short stories which are hosted on shapethefutureoftravel.com.

little victories

An engaging story can light the fires of imagination and help push the boundaries of what’s possible. The ground-breaking submarine designer Simon Lakesaid in his biography that “Jules Verne was in a sense the director-general of my life” and credited the sci-fi classic Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seaas being the inspiration for his revolutionary designs, eventually earning recognition from the US Navy.

Little Victories by Jay Eales, follows the in-flight adventure of Sophie Dillon a medical student going on a journey in an age of seamless travel and The chase to Fortune Islandby Ian Douglas tells story of Dylan and his virtual assistant Lorie as they race against time for an opportunity of a lifetime on a limited budget.

Perhaps, it will be stories like these that will inspire the next great innovations in travel technology, because true progress isn't about taking one logical step after another, rather it’s about giant leaps in imagination to create real differences.