Transformative technologies: why innovation can establish a new era in travel

Eberhard Haag

EVP Global Operations, Amadeus IT Group

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For many of us, travel is about discovering new horizons, exploring different experiences and drawing inspiration from the world around us.

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Yet in many ways, the onset of mass tourism and democratisation of travel have often meant more delays, an increase in lost luggage and near-endless queues confronting travellers across every step of the travel chain.

Despite this, at Amadeus, we believe that technological innovation can be deployed to overcome these negatives; which is why in early January next year we will be launching a new research study examining how technological innovation will impact and improve travel in the coming decade and beyond.

As always, this report will not try and reflect a definitive view of the future. Instead it is intended to stimulate discussion about the trends most likely to shape travel to 2020 and beyond.

Some of the areas we look at in the report include but are not limited to payment with memory and also taking the stress out of travel.

At Amadeus, we are excited about the future. By working together with travel providers and sellers, we can support the development of a travel industry that is intrinsically focused on the traveller but to the benefit of everyone.

Please visit the blog on Wednesday January 11th 2012 in order to download the full report in English, and edited versions in Spanish, German and French.

I hope you enjoy reading this report and look forward to continuing the conversation in the months ahead.